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Nsubuga Ministry Uganda, is a non-profit, and we rely on your donations for support. If everyone reading this chipped in $3, we are able to support and reach to every part of the country.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the work of the Nsubuga Ministry Uganda (NMU). This year, we are trying to help more than 30 people. One of the best ways you can make a difference to the lives of these children is to make a financial donation to our work.

Donate to provide Hope, Dignity and Economic opportunity

With your support we can:

Help poor families send their children to school

Help women build a better life for themselves, their families and their communities

Deliver emergency aid when disaster strikes
You may choose to donate to one of our major field operations, or to make a general "unearmarked" donation. These unearmarked donations are essential to enable us to help children in desperate need, but for whom it can be difficult to raise funds as their plight is no longer in the news.

In order for us to have a good accountability for the money please allocate your contribution correctly, please state clearly on the form one of the following:

public donation - unearmarked for general programmes.
public donation - insert name of programme you wish to support, e.g. Education.
The NMU is a Charity Organisation, but depends on donations to carry out its work.
Once again, thank you for your support.

To Make Your Donation You Will Have To Use These Numbers

Phone: +256 (0) 779305132